I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. Probably the best I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve been keeping up on running, but not pushing myself past 4 miles yet. And really, it’s been great! My body seems to be happy with me and this new plan.

On Saturday I woke up at a decent hour (before 10am has become a decent hour for me on the weekends, all Ryan’s fault for turning me into a late weekend sleeper, actually I should probably be thanking him!) Anyways, I got up, ran 3.25 miles, which I was very proud of and then Ry and I spent the day biking.

If you haven’t met my bike than I must introduce you now. My goodness, she’s the prettiest bike you’ll ever lay eyes on. I’m a very proud owner 🙂 I soak up all the compliments I get from her while riding around the city.

LOVE my new bike 🙂

The weather was so nice we were able to do lots of riding! Riding my bike as become a great alternative for exercise when I’m not feeling well enough to run or I don’t want to over do the running. I love riding along the bike paths in the city. As much as I love Cambridge I will here admit that Boston does a far better job up keeping their bike paths. While we were on the bike path I declared I wanted to make sangria that night, so we rode to Haymarket to buy lots of cheap fruit. As much as we ride, I’m still not 100% comfortable riding into the busiest areas of Boston. I end up with calluses on my hands from gripping my handlebars so tight. This trip was well worth the calluses though!

Overall it was a wonderful Crohns free weekend 🙂

I spy Ry!

Bike path by the Charles 🙂