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It seems in my body Crohns has declared a hatred for long distance running. I’m not on board with this discrimination against distance running one bit. In fact, I’m quite upset with Crohns for making this choice without my consent.

I’m a long distance runner. That is one of the ways I define myself. I’m one of those crazy people who enjoy lacing up my sneakers and hitting the pavement for 13 miles. I might complain before I head out for a run but once I’m in my zone there is nowhere I’d rather be. It’s my thing, it’s what I do, and I’m proud of all the training I have done over the years that enabled me to run two marathons and many half marathons.

In walks Crohns and it seems my long distance running days are over. I’m not exactly sure why but it seems my body can no longer keep up with my desire to run over four miles. My doctors advised that I keep the running to a minimum for a while to give my body a rest.

Anything fewer than four miles I seem to still rock. By keeping my distances low, I was even able to get my average pace time down! A few weekends ago I was signed up to run the Harpoon Brewery 5 Mile Race. (Awesome race by the way if you live in the Boston area. I highly recommend it!) I did a pre race 5 miles to make sure I could even still run that far. I killed it with a personal best! About an hour or so after running though my body seemed to shut down. My stomach was cramping and I couldn’t stop going to the bathroom… although sometimes I felt like I had to go but wasn’t able to, which was far worse in my opinion. I thought it was just a fluke and ran the race hard two days later. I had a great race time but again, a few hours after running, I was hitting the bathroom and on the couch with stomach pains and bathroom runs for the rest of the night.

I’m on the hunt for more information regarding Crohns disease and running and if there is any link between the two. I’ve realized I also need to come to terms with although I might not be able to run another marathon; I am still a runner. I can still lace up my shoes and hit the pavement every week. I can focus instead on running faster shorter distances to feel accomplished. I might not be the same type of runner I was in the past, but I’m still a runner.

And there are a ton of 5k races out in the Boston area that are a lot of fun. Some are even free, like the Startups Stay Fit! Free monthly 5k run/walks in the Innovation District.  {Cambridge} 5k has a couple of great races coming up too. A SASQUATCH Trail Race on July 15th (I’ve never done a trail race so I’m excited about this one!) and their 5k Oktoberfest. I did their Yulefest race this past winter which was a lot of fun so I’m sure these will be just as great! See… still many options and ways to have fun and stay a runner!

PS – Why does Word always red scribble underline Crohns? It makes me second guess that I’m spelling it correctly every time!

Almost at the finish line of the Harpoon 5k 🙂